Experience tequila like you never have before. This shore excursion created by Jose Cuervo® will take you on a journey through time, making you a certified tequila connoisseur. Your excursion begins with a 3 minute taxi ride to Discover Mexico Park where the Jose Cuervo® Tequila facility is located. You will then be greeted by the master tequilier (Maestro Tequilero) who will begin by explaining the origins, distillation process and the different types of tequila available.

Along the way, you’ll sample a variety of the best tequilas, including Blanco (white), Reposado and Añejo (aged), as well as the famous and exclusive Special Family Reserve (Ultra aged), during a detailed exploration of this famous drink’s journey from agave field to cocktail glass.

A taco buffet with handmade tortillas and six exotic, 100 percent Mexican salsas awaits, capped by a lesson in making the best Margaritas by our Jose Cuervo® mixology expert. Feel free to explore Discover Mexico Park on your own or with a guide, for a showcase of Mexico’s culture and history, including the park’s newest attraction, the Papantla Flyers’ astonishing performance of the ancient voladores ritual.

Stroll through tropical gardens bursting with coconuts, papayas, bananas trees and the sacred Ceiba trees of Discover Mexico theme park. Travel back through time to experience the evolution of Mexico’s ancient civilizations, inspecting 1/25-scale replicas of Chichén Itzá and other ancient temples built by the Aztec, Maya, Olmec and Totonac civilizations. Look for monuments from the Spanish colonial era, including a detailed model of Mexico City’s grand boulevard, the Paseo de la Reforma.   Move inside to admire the Mexican folk art on display in Discover Mexico Park’s Museum of Popular Arts. Showcased are Oaxaca’s rare black-clay pottery, quirky alebrijes (carved wooden animals), brilliant textiles, and other contemporary works from all over Mexico. 

Book The Tequila Experience by Jose Cuervo® tour now and experience a fun combination of tequila tasting, delicious taco/salsa buffet and a visit to Discover Mexico theme park. This Cozumel excursion is an exciting way to add fun ashore to your fun afloat.

• Round-trip transportation, a personal bilingual guide and a master “tequilier” are included.
• A tequila seminar, up to three samples of tequila and three other beverages (margarita, sodas, beer) are included.
• A Mexican taco buffet is part of the Jose Cuervo® Tequila Tasting Experience shore excursion.
• Discover Mexico Park is 100% wheelchair accessible; special transportation for scooters is available by advance request.
• Souvenirs are available for purchase in the Hand Crafts and Cuervo Souvenir Shop.
• Camera and cash for extra purchases are recommended.