Cozumel Island played an important role in the ancient Mayan world, both as a stop along the famous “white road” trade route and as a very important religious pilgrimage destination.  Take the opportunity to explore the near-by archeological site at San Gervasio, the island’s largest and best-preserved Mayan ruins, and uncover the history of this long-lived culture.

Your professional tour guide will meet you at the pier and walk you to your air-conditioned bus. Begin your tour with a short drive through Cozumel’s largest town, San Miguel, to see local houses, shops and modern-day residents, many of who are descendants of the area’s original Mayan inhabitants. Away from modern civilization and nestled in the jungle, San Gervasio was once the island’s center of culture and religion, in particular the worship of Ixchel, the goddess of the moon, childbirth, fertility, medicine, and weaving. Your certified guide will lead you through the archaeological site and share important facts, cultural histories and myths along the way.

The area is surrounded by native trees and plants and offers a real sense of the ancient Mayan world. Keep your eyes out for butterflies, birds and the abundant iguanas that sunbathe on the early Mayan constructions.  After returning to the bus, you will head off for a scenic drive along Cozumel’s beautiful western shore. Circle the island and make a brief stop at a beach club on the other side of the island.

Away from the bustle of town, this nearly undeveloped coast is a side of the island that few visitors get to see and offers an idyllic landscape of white sand beaches, rugged rock formations, lush tropical vegetation and the iridescent waters of the Caribbean.
Your guide will share information regarding the island during your drive and escort you back to your ship’s pier.

• Per Mexican government regulations: Guests who would like to enter ruins with small video cameras will be charged $4.00. Professional video equipment is not permitted. Regular cameras are permitted.
• Children 5 and under are free.
• Comfortable walking shoes recommended.