Stay high and dry as you thrill to the sights of the underwater world beneath the Caribbean Sea on this Sub-Ocean View shore excursion in Cozumel. Descend into the hull of a semi-submersible boat and see why famed diver Jacques Cousteau named these coral gardens “Paradise Reef.”

Your eye-popping experience begins on the short journey to the docks where the Ocean View Explorer awaits. Descend the short, steep ladder into the hull of this 44-seat semi-submersible boat. You’re in good hands: The Ocean View Explorer was built to stringent U.S. Coast Guard requirements to ensure passenger safety and comfort. Take your seat in dry, air-conditioned comfort and get ready for the show. In front of each seat is a large glass window with fantastic views.

You and other guests are just four feet below the surface, but astounding varieties of sea life swim all around you. Travel one mile from shore to Paradise Reef off Cozumel’s southern coast. Part of the Reefs National Park, Paradise Reef is a protected underwater environment covering 29,000 acres of coral gardens.

Keep your eyes peeled for schools of grunts—yes, that’s the noise these fish make—and long, waving fronds of sea anemones. Kids will squeal for joy when they see the eye-catching stripes of the Sergeant Major fish. Gaze at florescent blue-and-yellow Queen angelfish and the shy flat-faced Splendid Toadfish—unique to Cozumel. Spot amazing undersea corals, from brain coral and sea fans to gorgonians and star coral.

As your boat cruises the calm, clear waters, your onboard guide will be happy to answer questions about the sights you’re seeing below the sea. You can also use the handy “fish cards” onboard your Ocean View Explorer to find out more. At the end of your Sub-Ocean View shore, excursion, you’ll head back onto dry land to share tales of the deep with your Carnival shipmates.
Book your Sub-Ocean View Excursion today to explore the magical underwater world of the Caribbean Sea—and stay high and dry in the process!

This Cozumel shore excursion is an exciting way to add fun ashore to your fun afloat.